Solar sails open up opportunities for interplanetary travel.

Source: NASA

What Are Solar Sails?

A solar sail is a large, reflective spacecraft that utilizes light to push itself forward. A useful analogy may be to think of it as a sailboat. Except, instead of using the forces of wind, it uses light. But how?

Imagine standing on an elevator that will take you thousands of miles into space!

Planet Earth
Planet Earth
Source: NASA

After millions of years on Earth, it was only until the last century that anything has escaped the planet’s gravitation pull. The historic day remains marked on October 1957, when the rocket called The Sputnik successfully reached orbit. Since then, thousands of spacecraft have made it to space carrying satellites, telescopes, and occasionally humans.

Limits of Chemical Rockets

Those same rockets still serve as our only form of transportation to outer space. As the use of the spacecraft grew, so did the human imagination. We now have goals to visit…

Humans have dreamed of visiting Mars for decades. And with the growth of modern technology, we may reach that goal soon.

That is, unless we would rather nuke the planet.

Photo of Mars
Photo of Mars
Source: Pixabay

Nuclear weapons are explosive devices designed to release energy created from nuclear reactions such as fission, fusion, or a combination of both.

The damage from a single bomb is enough to destroy an entire city, killing thousands of people. In August of 1945, the Japanese city, Hiroshima, was bombed by the United States. It’s known as the first city targeted by a nuclear weapon.

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